Before was launched we spent countless hours scouring the internet for the highest quality mounts and manufacturers. We continue to do this year after year, adding and updating our mount solutions to always provide the best for our customers. Monitors in Motion is a tried and true manufacturer that we are pleased to include in our offering.

Monitors in Motion launched their line of products in 1998, originally out of the U.K.  Exceptional quality, in both product design and customer service, led to their company’s initial success and they carried those principles forward.  In May of 2008, they began manufacturing and selling their monitor arms in North America.

In the Beginning

Operating as Monitors in Motion to compliment the essence of their products: bringing monitors to life in “form, function and freedom.”  Form that lends itself to beauty and cleanliness; function that leads to a more ergonomic work place and home space; and the freedom of a greener, environmentally friendly future.

For over 20 years, long before the conception of Monitors in Motion, their team has manufactured aeronautic products and high precision blow molds.  With an on staff team of engineers and designers lending this experience and skill set to their line of products, they’ve developed the perfect balance of excellent value with high quality for custom-made products.  Their focus is to design and build what their customers need: well manufactured products that last a lifetime.

Commitment to the Environment

Monitors in Motion has a mandate to make their products as environmentally friendly as possible.  Presently, they use upwards of 97% recycled materials to manufacture their products, including packaging and all components.  their products are 100% recyclable and built to last.  

They also manufacture 100% of our products in North America. They are so confident in the quality of their products that they offer an industry leading 10 year warranty on every product they make.

It is plain to see why we’ve included this exceptional manufacturer to our store. Quality mounts that are environmentally friendly and backed up with a 10 year warranty! That’s a company we can get behind! Check out all our Monitor in Motion mounts at our store!