RAM Mounts are often imitated but never duplicated mounting solutions. Truly one of a kind and we are delighted to carry them in our store.

RAM Mounting Systems parent company is NPI. NPI, an abbreviation for National Products Inc. was founded by Jeff Carnevali in 1992. From his basement shop, he designed, tooled and produced the first product, a propeller puller for the marine industry. The first version of the RAM Mount followed a short time later. Today their factory, research and development, shipping, support, sales, marketing and testing facilities are located just a short distance from the Seattle garage that RAM Mounts started in and currently manufactures products that are distributed around the globe!

RAM stands for Round-A-Mount. Their mounts have become the most innovative product line of its kind. RAM continues to evolve into one of the most sought after accessories for electronics. Their products have quickly become an essential mounting component for a wide variety of applications. These applications include rugged vehicle, industrial, military and defense, as well as any application requiring a robust mounting solution. RAM offers a diverse, patent-protected product line. Their mounts feature a ball and socket design that incorporates a non-slip feature. The mounts also have shock and vibration dampening all of which makes these mounts one of a kind! They utilize the finest assembly hardware, durable composites, steel, stainless steel, rubber, and aluminum. Their mounting bases and complete kits are manufactured in the USA to perform above expectations and remain cost effective.

In 2016 RAM mounts was the CES Innovation Awards Honoree winner for the IntelliSkin™ and GDS™ Technology awarded by the Consumer Technology Association. RAM was also named as the winner of the 2016 MHI Innovation Award.

RAM Mounts remains dedicated to providing jobs and supporting their local communities. Since their founding, RAM Mounts has supported organizations that affect their employees and customers. Some of these areas include health and human services, arts and cultural programs, education, and community services. Click on the link to see some of the organizations they support http://www.rammount.com/about/giving-back.

For over two decades RAM Mounting Systems has been synonymous with quality and performance, offering the best warranty in the industry and made in the USA. For your next mounting application, choose wisely. Check out a focused collection of RAM mounts we carry in our store.