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Modular Now, a Point of Sale Mounting System

We are proud to offer MODULAR NOW, a completely modular mounting system that allows you to build the perfect POS mount to meet your specific needs.

The MODULAR NOW system, manufactured by HAT Design Works, allows you to quickly and easily configure your POS mount by starting with the mounting pole (multiple pole heights), and mounting base (choose from bolt-down, bolt-through, freestanding, and wall mounting), then configure the solution by choosing from many different accessories like printers trays, payment terminal trays and mounts, extension arms, keyboard trays, and more.

MODULAR NOW POS Mounting System

The foundation of this POS mounting system is a set of customizable pole mounts, including counter-height stands to 24-inch pole heights.

Modular Now is a perfect solution for all retail settings, from cozy boutiques to large scale discount club retail chains. These POS mounts are flexible and durable (commercial grade) and have a clean, streamlined design giving our customers all the features they need in a small footprint.

The streamlined checkout experience that Modular Now system offers, will help minimize time in the checkout process your customers spend and maximize ROI. Click Here to visit our store and see the full MODULAR NOW collection!

How to mount a Samsung Ultra-Wide Curved Screen Monitor to a Monitor Mount or Stand

Over the past couple of years, we have noticed a significant increase in the use of the Samsung Ultra-Wide Curved Monitors. Along with that increase has been the demand for large and curved screen monitor mounts and stands that can adequately support the weight of these large curved screens. As we’ve followed this trend, we too have eagerly awaited Samsung ultra-wide curved monitor mounts and stands that will hold the weight. We are happy to report that there have been great strides taken in the production of mounts to accommodate the large curved screens.

As we began to provide these mounts to our customers we quickly realized that the Samsung monitors are different than the other large curved screens on the market. They are different because of how they attach to mounting products.

In this blog we hope to clear up some of the confusion and address some of the most common problems customers have when attaching their Samsung ultra-wide curved screens to the available monitor mounts and stands on the market.

Mounting Your Monitor

If you have purchased or are thinking about purchasing a Samsung Ultra-Wide Curved Monitor, and you intend to use a monitor mount or monitor stand, there are two things you need to know before purchasing a single or dual vertical monitor mount.

  • First, you must know how much the monitor WITHOUT STAND weighs. The Samsung Ultra-Wide Curved screens are among the heaviest screens on the market. Typically you might find weights for the monitor listed on the monitors packaging or in the description of the monitor where it is purchased. However, the ONLY weight you will need to know when purchasing a mount is the weight of the monitor WITHOUT the stand. We searched the web for the best resource to find this information and found that will give you the most accurate weight of the Samsung Ultra-Wide Curved screen WITHOUT the stand for each model.
  • Second, you must know how the monitor attaches to the monitor mount. Your Samsung Curved Screen WILL NOT attach directly to any monitor mount. There is a wall mount adapter included in the box with your monitor, it is called a bracket wall adapter. This adapter attaches to the back of the monitor which then provides a VESA 100X100 millimeter hole pattern which can then be attached to a mount. You can learn more about this wall mount adapter in your Samsung users manual located in the section called “Attaching the BRACKET WALL” found typically on page 19.
Click on the image above to download a PDF with instructions from the Samsung Users Manual.

Attaching the Samsung Ultra-Wide Curved Screen to a Mount

Unlike all other ultra-wide curved screens on the market, the Samsung Ultra-Wide Curved Screens are designed differently. They have a round inset where the stand attaches. It is in that round inset area that the bracket wall adapter attaches enabling the consumer to mount the screen to a monitor mounting head.

Round Inset where bracket attaches

When installing the bracket wall adapter, be sure to use the screws specifically for the bracket wall. *** If longer screws are used you can damage the monitor

Bracket Wall
Once the bracket wall bracket is attached, the screen can now be mounted to a monitor mount or stand.

Another factor to be aware of when choosing a single or dual monitor mount for your Samsung Ultra-Wide Curved screen is to verify that the mount supports the curved screen weight of your monitor. At we try to make this easy for our customers to discover. You will find that the products available in our large and curved screen monitor mount category are clearly defined as to the weight for flat and curved screens that the mounts will support.

It is our hope that this blog has given you some insight into the somewhat confusing task of mounting your Samsung Ultra-Wide Curved Monitor. What follows are some common Q&A that you might find helpful when selecting a single or dual vertical mount.


  • Q: When I look for a monitor mount, there are two weights listed that the mount will support, one weight for flat screens and one weight for curved screens. Why are there two weights?
  • A: Curved screens, due to the curvature, push the center of gravity out several inches from the mounting head. This causes more pressure on the mounting head making the monitor feel heavier, but it is the force that creates this issue. For example, if you were to hold a 5lb weight to your chest you might say, “Okay, that feels like 5lbs.” Now if you were to extend you arm all the way out, you might say, “Wow! Now it feels like ten pounds.” It is for this reason that manufacturers rate their mounting heads with the two weights.
  • Q: What happens if the monitor is too heavy for the mount?
  • A: The issue with the monitor weight is almost never the issue with the entire mount, but only with the mounting head where the monitor attaches. Most mounts on the market offer tilt functionality. It is with the tilt that the problem arises. If the monitor is too heavy, the tilt will not hold the monitor in place and the monitor will droop down to the lowest point of tilt. There is nothing that can be done to resolve this unless you put an obstruction in the rear to stop the monitor from tilting past the angle you want the monitor to stop at. This is why it is so important to check the weight the mount will support to avoid costly returns and delays in getting your monitor(s) setup and in use.
  • Q: I seem to have lost the Samsung bracket wall adapter that goes between the monitor and the mount. Where can I get the bracket wall adapters?
  • A: You can by the bracket wall adapter from either Samsung directly, or from 3rd party vendors online. You can google the following: <model number of monitor> bracket wall; this will give you a starting point to replace the original bracket wall adapter that came in the box. There are several models of bracket wall adapters so be sure to verify your monitor number before purchasing. The option that we suggest is to go to, start a live chat, provide them the full model number of your monitor and tell them you need a bracket wall adapter to attach a VESA 100×100 monitor mount; they will assist you with the purchase.
  • I’m looking for a curved screen mount, what models are available for the Samsung ultra-wide curved screens:
  • Please find several mounts from our Large and Curved Screen mount category:
Dual Vertical Widescreen Mount for Samsung 43 and 49 Inch Widescreen Curved Monitors

Supports up curved screens up to 30 lb. Freestanding Base. No tilt, monitors face straight forward.

Dual Vertical Widescreen Mount for Large and Curved Displays

Supports curved screens up to 26.5 lb. Choose from 3 different mounting bases. Height adjustable with monitor tilt functionality.

Dual Vertical Widescreen Mounts for Large and Curved Displays

This heavy-duty model supports curved screens up to 35 lb. Choose from 4 different mounting bases. Height adjustable with monitor tilt functionality.

Heavy Duty Monitor Mount for Large and Curved Screens

Supports curved screens up to 26.5 lb. Choose from 3 different mounting bases. Height adjustable with monitor tilt function.

Curved Screen and Large Screen Monitors

Curved screen and large screen monitors are ideal for busy workspaces. However, many workplaces have a problem when it comes to workstations: Their need for larger monitors to run large amounts of software and web applications conflicts with the shrinking space available for workstations. Read on for more details on how a curved monitor may help you get a better visual experience and discover solutions to maximize desk space with these monitors. Skip to the end of this blog for some insightful Q&A on how to mount Curved or Large Screen monitors in your environment or CLICK HERE for some recommended mounting solutions.

Exploring the Benefits of Curved Monitors

Curved monitors are fairly new technology, but they are quickly gaining popularity over flat monitors among astute users. There are numerous benefits to curved monitors due to their particular design, including reduced eyes strain and better field of view. Let’s jump into some other perks of a curved monitor.

First and foremost curved monitors give its users a more immersive experience. When it comes to entertainment, immersion is what most consumers want. To create this sense of immersion, products must be engineered in a way that replicates real life. The monitor technology specifically used in this case is called ocular perception. People see the world in three dimensions – length, width, and height. Curved monitors are able to take advantage of all three dimensions and expand on peripheral vision. This full immersion helps the viewer to forget they are staring at a screen and creates a much more enjoyable experience for the consumer.

Immersive Experience

Another benefit to curved monitors is that they eliminate distortion. Many times images and videos become blurry or distorted when enlarged, especially at the edges. Distortion issues are greatly minimized on curved monitors. The reason for this is explained by the physics of light projection. Flat screens blast their images in a straight line while curved screens take advantage of their shape, and aim everything at the viewer, which limits distortion.

Reduce Eye Strain

Curved monitors are also more comfortable for our eyes. The light projection physics, as mentioned above, in curved monitors also improves the comfort of our eyes. This is because our eyes do not have to strain to see everything, all of the light created from the screen is directed to us, the viewer. Also, the curvature of the monitor allows our eyes to take in everything at once, without strain. The ability to take in a scene without strain is something that occurs naturally in everyday life. By being able to take in the entirety of a curved screen, even at its largest sizes, your eyes will take advantage of that natural feeling to remain comfortable.

Additionally, curved monitors offer a larger perceived field of view. This is true for the same reasons that curved screens are also more comfortable on the eyes. Since a curved screen directs light from all angles towards the viewer’s eye, the consumer will be able to take everything in without much eye strain.

Larger Perceived Field of View

In a business setting, curved screens have been beneficial in creating enhanced productivity. By reducing eye fatigue and discomfort, curved screens maximize the amount of time staff can work to their full potential. They also help employees to look at multiple things at the same time. Ultrawide curved monitors help desk workers to see (and work on) multiple open applications and windows simultaneously without disruption. There are various scenarios when this benefit could be helpful. For example, it can allow someone to see a spreadsheet of data while they write out their summary of its findings. Or it can help somebody monitor a live feed or messages, while still focused on their main task. It’s also particularly useful for creative roles as it improves color uniformity and creates further efficiencies by removing the time an employee may spend ensuring dual monitors are matched.

Enhanced Productivity

Stacked Screens: The Solution for Large Monitors in Shrinking Workspaces

As mentioned above many workplaces have a problem when it comes to workstations: Their need for larger monitors to run large amounts of software and web applications conflicts with the shrinking space available for workstations. Although desk space is shrinking and the ability to put two or three displays side by side isn’t possible there is almost always ample room to go up. There are several ways to make this happen but ideally, and what we will focus on, is dual monitor mounts (off one pole) that allow the upper screen to be pivoted and angled downward for easy viewing. These mounting systems typically have the added benefits of built-in cable management, fine-tuned adjustments and the ability, with some designs, to swing one or both screens away.

Research has confirmed suspicions that dual monitors increase productivity, as users spend less time opening and minimizing tabs and windows. The larger the screens, the greater the benefits. Jon Peddie Research, of the graphics and multimedia industry, found that dual monitors can boost office productivity by as much as 42 percent. Their research also found that multimonitor setups are no longer the exception; they’re the norm in many workplaces.

For Example, in a business setting, curved and large flat screens have been beneficial in creating enhanced productivity.In fact, many professions require that much screen real estate. In the world of finance, multiple screens have long been common at trading desks. Production facilities use multiple screens to provide dashboards for views on the status of operating equipment and mission-critical key performance indicators (KPIs). Security stations are using several screens due to lowered hardware costs and ubiquitous connectivity for more cameras and views in both business spaces and public settings. Health Care Practitioners need to see everything from patient records to reference information on drugs and diseases, as well as medical imaging. Building everything from computer games to action movies to advertising spots requires wide screens for producing and sequencing creative assets, and second screens allow for easier preview and quality control for creative production.

With curved monitors quickly becoming the new flat and both curved and large monitors increasing productivity in the workplace the ability to mount these monitors has been problematic. Thankfully technology has started to catch up and we have the mounts to support these monitors in all types of settings! It takes a special type of mount to properly fit these screens into an environment and many of our customers have had great questions for our mount experts on achieving the perfect mounting solution.

You Asked We Answered!

What follows are some helpful Q&A for those looking to upgrade their home or business with these Large or Curved screens:

Q: How do I know if my curved monitor is compatible with the mount I choose?

A: First, look up the model number of the screen you are mounting at the manufacturer’s website.   You will find two weights listed; your looking for the “weight without stand.” Once you have the weight without the stand, then you can choose the right mount to support the monitor.

Second, when you find a mount that you’re interested in, make sure the mount information says it supports curved screens.  If it doesn’t say that it is, then contact the company by phone, email or live chat to find out if the mount you chose will support the curved screen.

Q: Why do mounts support one weight for regular monitors, and another weight for curved monitors?

A: The curved monitors cause the product weight to be exceeded because the center of gravity is several inches away from where the monitor attaches to the mounting head. To explain it like this, if you hold a 5-pound weight to your chest, it’s not heavier than 5 pounds.  But if you hold that same 5-pound weight straight out at the end of your arm, it feels as if it weighs more.  It doesn’t weigh more, but the force makes if feel like it does.

Same as with curved monitors, even though the weight on the box says one thing, the actual force on the mounting head is increased.

This is solved with a heavier duty mounting head being placed at the end of the arm. 

There is a multitude of curved monitor options flooding the market for applications spanning from gaming to work, and even to entertainment. With a curved monitor, your eyes are immediately drawn to their flowing curved screen and sleek look! When desk real estate is finite but the tasks seemingly infinite, the answer may be stacking.

To meet the market needs, we have sourced a quality collection of heavy-duty monitor mounts for large and heavy monitors we well as large curved screen monitors from Dell, Samsung, LG, and more. Click here to view our Large and Curved Monitor Mounts.

The AWM Monitor Mount System by Atdec

A Modular Mounting System for the Workplace

Studies have shown that people are more productive when they can choose when, where and how they work, making the relevance and need for a monitor mounting system paramount in the workplace. A monitor mount system allows staff the ability to easily adjust the height and angle of their monitor or display to their preference. Monitor mounts can be used with sit-stand desks and regular office desks and easily attach to work spaces or walls. The importance of these types of mounts has become obvious creating a large selection to choose from depending on the needs of the environment.

How Monitor Mount Systems create a Safe, Healthy and Productive Workplace

Every year, over 6.9 million working days are lost as a result of musculoskeletal disorders, especially in those who tend to endure prolonged sitting positions or repetitive motions, due to bad ergonomics. Straining can take a toll on the body over time, causing muscle imbalances, backaches, eye strain, fatigue and other pains that affect the physical well-being of employees resulting in repetitive stress injuries, which are some of the most common workplace injuries. Using a highly-configurable monitor mount system in the workplace has proven to combat these issues. They allow their users to easily place their screen at the appropriate height, depth and angle which promotes good posture and eliminates the need to strain or hunch over to see the screen.

Productivity is also improved in this comfortable working atmosphere. Time is saved as employees no longer have to spend a lot of time readjusting their workspace to see their screen better. Monitor mounting systems give them the ability to adjust the height and angle of the monitor quickly and efficiently depending on the workspace needs. This gives staff more time to focus on work tasks, which increases efficiency.

In today’s modern work places it is reported that 60% of people regularly move across departments. In situations where more than one person is using the same workspace, monitor arms allow for easy adjustments between each computer user, which is extremely difficult if the monitor is simply sitting on a desk. When space is limited monitor arms are extremely beneficial. They free up desk space and give users ample room to work. Plus, when monitors are not in use they can simply be pushed it out of the way.

Introducing the AWM Monitor Mount System by Atdec – A Modular Mounting System for one or more monitors

Studies have shown that 81% of highly satisfied workers are able to configure their workstations. Meeting these individual requirements on a large scale can be challenging. One of our best-selling manufacturers, Atdec, has designed a modular monitor mounting system that rises to this challenge. Their AWM product line adapts to individual ergonomic needs, support a range of displays and devices and respond to increasing space demands in your evolving workplace. Their flexible range of modular monitor mounts are designed to accommodate multiple screens and notebooks, modularity is the smartest approach to hot-desking, activity based workplaces and multi-user environments. 

Over time and utilizing feedback from our customers here at have discovered that the best mounting solutions are those that can evolve with growing businesses. That’s why we are proud and excited to offer these AWM monitor mounting system from Atdec that adapt! The modular nature of the system allows for infinite configurations and combinations of parts to support various screen sizes, attachment surfaces, and technology. These modular mounting solutions include: 

  • Configurability to specific projects
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Cost-effective upgrades
  • Mix’n’match = interchangeable
  • Spring-assisted ergonomic support
  • Multiple screens and notebooks

Users are able to mix and match their modular components with a cleverly-designed lever-action system designed for agile workspaces. The modular nature of the system allows for infinite configurations and combinations of parts to support various screen sizes, attachment surfaces, and technology. In the office of the future scale-ability is everything and agile collaborative work spaces will gain and retain the best employees. These mounts pave the way to achieve your business goals!

Not sure what option works best for you? Feel free to contact us and speak to a mount expert that can assist with a configuration that meets your exact needs.

AWM Monitor Mount System by Atdec

You can visit our online store and learn more about each of the AWM components, how they fit together, the technical specs on each, as well as pre-configured systems in the product line.

Learn more about this powerful modular monitor mounting system in the below video.

Point of Sale Systems for Monitors and Tablets

Creating Point of Sale (POS) system for your business is key when interacting with your customers. Whether you’re using a monitor or tablet, the need for an accessible payment transaction environment for your customers, as well as a productive workstation for your employees is a must. In this article we will explore why it is becoming increasingly important to include this critical technology into consumer-based settings and how point of sale systems can work for you.


In our quickly advancing technical world Point of Sale systems are at the corner stone of consumer-based settings. A POS system is made up of 2 main parts – the hardware, such as a printer, cash drawer, and a POS terminal, and the software, which is the computer program that operates the whole system. A POS system works by connecting your credit card processing apps, accounting apps, inventory apps, and other point of sale-related business apps into a single unit. The software used in a POS system has a multitude of benefits. It aids in retaining more customers through better, targeted loyalty programs and allows for the tracking of inventory so that stock is consistently available. POS systems also assist when complex discount offers are needed. With the right POS software system, an analysis of sales history can be used to discover seasonal buying trends and correlations, which can come in useful to increase sales. In addition, manual error is decreased by using barcode scanners and automatic synchronization. It is easier to track sales associates with a more reliable employee tracking system. Other major benefits include improving payment security as well as the ability to make more sales due to the ability to accept more types of payment. Thankfully as the technology has grown and improved it has also become more affordable and mobile, with portable and Wi-Fi options available, making it easier for start-up businesses, home based businesses or small local businesses and mobile businesses to take advantage of all the benefits POS systems provide.


Gone are the days of manual credit card machines, carbon paper and bulky cash registers. As we’ve discussed, with the digital age there is a more efficient way to serve customers using these state of the art Point of Sale systems. Once the software has been decided on and the display monitors have been picked out it is now time to create a dynamic POS area that creates the look and feel of a successful business. It can be overwhelming trying to decide how to leverage this technology for its maximum benefit. Following is a list of things to know about point of sale mounts so they can work for you.

While there are a lot of different mounting options out there, POS solutions do have some common features that make them great solutions for their operations:

  • POS Mounts have a smaller footprint, taking up less space in the retail environment. Your point of sale monitor or tablet can be suspended above the counter to clear out and increase your selling space, which you can then use for pamphlets, store news, return policy notices or those last-minute impulse buy items! 
  • POS Mounts allow you to adjust the height of the monitor. The height adjustability is crucial to allow easy monitor re-positioning for sales associates of different heights. Research dictates the users eyes should be in line with a point on the screen about 2-3 inches below the top of the monitor casing. A content, healthy staff ultimately leads to employee longevity and company profitability! 
  • POS Mounts typically allow for screen adjustment to avoid glare on the monitors. Light sources and their intensities can vary throughout the day. Keep annoying glare off a POS screen by tilting or swiveling it as needed. This also helps keep POS monitor positions ergonomic.
  • POS Mounts include cable management to hide cables and keep them out of the way. Cables can be routed through your Point of Sale mount with a cable management system. This helps prevent unintended disconnects and increasing the life span of the cords.
  • POS Mounts increase store image and minimize disorder. Carefully creating a point of sale mounting solution has both an aesthetic benefit as well as functional benefits. With a POS solution, you can avoid limited or poorly crafted solutions. A well designed Point of Sale area presents a business in its best light, giving it a sleek and modern appearance.

POS Mounts enhance security and defend against accidents. Mounted Point Of Sale monitors and tablets are more secure than free-standing technology because the mount protects and fortifies the technology. In addition, mounts discourage theft, secure monitors and tablets to countertops or walls which also prevent them from tipping over and other accidental equipment damage.


With retail expanding beyond the sales floor, retailers realize that every moment spent with a customer is now much more than a business dealing. Checkout remains important however, customers expect quick, simple, individual service – despite location, device or platform – at every touch point. That means a successful retail solution must include both stationary and mobile points of service and provide for a changing mix of hardware and software from a range of brands and manufacturers. 

Mount My Monitor offers a large selection of POS Mounts and touch screen mounts for monitors and tablets. The point of sale mounts we offer provide a wide range of configuration options to help make the most of the retail space, while not compromising on functionality, ergonomics or aesthetics. We also offer customer-facing technology solutions that are both visually appealing and easily accessible, with the capacity to function perfectly anywhere the retail environment demands. With integrated locking mechanisms, height adjustment, horizontal or vertical mounting, full range of motion, and internal cable management, to mention a few, POS mounts work to ensure ease of use and brand-appropriate aesthetics.

Configuring our point of sale display stand solutions is also possible with additional attachments, such as printer machine mounts, CPU mounts, VESA adapters and additional mounting arms for monitors to provide customer-facing screens or secondary displays. Cables can be hidden away within the POS mounts themselves, offering a clean and tidy installation that is also designed with access for maintenance and cleaning in mind.

The mounts we offer keep maximum compatibility and future-proofing in mind. We’ve done the research to ensure that retailers can make future-proof decisions that satisfy today’s mobility, configuration and security demands without restricting their choices as enabling technologies continually evolve or risking ROI as changes occur. Our mount specialists have their fingers on the pulse of technology and are strategically anticipating upgrades and new product releases so that the mounts we offer stay relevant and upgradeable.

Our versatile mounting solutions give retailers the uninterrupted power to provide seamless service wherever, whenever and however the customer prefers to engage. Are you interested in a POS mounting system for your company? We are ready to help. Check out our website to see all that we have to offer.

Don’t see what you are looking for? Give us a call or start a live chat. Our mount experts are always available to help our customers find the exact mount to fit their needs, even when they have to design a solution for them!

Introducing Monitors in Motion

Before was launched we spent countless hours scouring the internet for the highest quality mounts and manufacturers. We continue to do this year after year, adding and updating our mount solutions to always provide the best for our customers. Monitors in Motion is a tried and true manufacturer that we are pleased to include in our offering.

Monitors in Motion launched their line of products in 1998, originally out of the U.K.  Exceptional quality, in both product design and customer service, led to their company’s initial success and they carried those principles forward.  In May of 2008, they began manufacturing and selling their monitor arms in North America.

In the Beginning

Operating as Monitors in Motion to compliment the essence of their products: bringing monitors to life in “form, function and freedom.”  Form that lends itself to beauty and cleanliness; function that leads to a more ergonomic work place and home space; and the freedom of a greener, environmentally friendly future.

For over 20 years, long before the conception of Monitors in Motion, their team has manufactured aeronautic products and high precision blow molds.  With an on staff team of engineers and designers lending this experience and skill set to their line of products, they’ve developed the perfect balance of excellent value with high quality for custom-made products.  Their focus is to design and build what their customers need: well manufactured products that last a lifetime.

Commitment to the Environment

Monitors in Motion has a mandate to make their products as environmentally friendly as possible.  Presently, they use upwards of 97% recycled materials to manufacture their products, including packaging and all components.  their products are 100% recyclable and built to last.  

They also manufacture 100% of our products in North America. They are so confident in the quality of their products that they offer an industry leading 10 year warranty on every product they make.

It is plain to see why we’ve included this exceptional manufacturer to our store. Quality mounts that are environmentally friendly and backed up with a 10 year warranty! That’s a company we can get behind! Check out all our Monitor in Motion mounts at our store!

Introducing Altus

Customer service and satisfaction is one of our top priorities here at The manufacturers we carry and support strive for this as well. Altus, a leader in adjustable workstation carts, is a wonderful example of customer dedication while providing cutting edge technology in the mounting industry.

The main goal of Altus is to improve how clinicians and staff work. They’ve spent almost a quarter century innovating to build the best workstation solutions on the market. It’s not only about finding an affordable solution, but finding the most ergonomic, durable, and intuitive workstations. Their sit-to-stand workstations are built to improve comfort which in turn increases productivity. They understand there is power in productivity. They study how real people work to enhance their workflow. Their innovative designs help clinicians, educators, and staff face a wide range of challenges. Their Altus technology workstations offer optimized mobility, adjustability, access to patient data, and improved clinician well-being. Their workstations work in a variety of environments, from a classroom to an emergency room.

Humble Beginnings

The company founders of Altus, Craig Vanderheide and Eric Kahkonen, started Altus in 2001 to meet the growing needs of mobile sit-to-stand workstations for the office environment. They quickly realized that more and more of their requests were coming from the healthcare industry with the introduction of electronic medical records (EMR), and so they expanded their focus to the healthcare environment. Eric and Craig quickly expanded their team to meet the growing need of creating customized workflow solutions for healthcare.

Altus Core Values

At Altus they are passionate about what they do every day.  They are always striving to be the best, not just at their individual roles, but as a team and as a business. They take pride in their work and understand that their reputation is tied to everything they do and every interaction they have. They are committed to having the best reputation in the industry.

They keep a positive attitude because they know that life throws us curve balls but they are always ready to catch what’s thrown at them (or their teammates) and have fun while they do it! They know that trust is hard to gain, but easy to lose so they will be honest and candid with their coworkers, vendors, and customers. They lead, “Leadership is not about a title or designation. It’s about impact, influence, and inspiration. Impact involves getting results, influence is about spreading the passion you have for your work, and you have to inspire teammates and customers.” – Robin S. Sharma

For these reasons and more we are proud to include Altus as one of our manufacturers! Head on over to our store to see these industry leading mounts and get one for yourself today!

Video Wall and Display Mounts

Video wall and display mounts have become extremely common place in our modern world. Most of us hardly notice them anymore. From menu boards at a local restaurant, to a board room video chat, to watching the big game at a favorite bar, video walls are everywhere! It’s hard to believe that before the early 80’s they didn’t even exist. 

A look back into the past reveals the evolution of this incredible technology. In 1985 the first multi-image video displays consisted of two or more projectors (or monitors) projecting side by side onto the same screen. By 1987, video tape recorders were replaced by video disc players, and in 1996 by DVD players. Needless to say, in the beginning the whole system was bulky, difficult to set-up and very sensitive. In 1995 flat panel television sets based on plasma technology were introduced and changed the landscape of video wall applications. In 2003 large LCD flat panels were launched. Video wall technology continues to improve and provide new approaches to bringing simplicity, flexibility and affordability to the video wall market. 

(as seen on Retro CRT Video Walls)

Now that we’ve discovered a little bit about the background of the video wall and display mount industry let’s talk about why it’s important in our present-day lives. From the small business owner to the large corporation, video wall technology has made a substantial impact on how information is conveyed in a wide range of environments. Video walls make big statements, capture attention and promote brands in a unique fashion which is driving companies to seek video wall solutions that are more powerful and more flexible. The masses are discovering that video walls are an investment with big returns!

Thinking you might want to get the benefits a video wall can provide? Want to know some next steps to growing your ROI? Besides deciding what type of display to use (LCD, Projection or LED), who will install the video wall display mount (yourself or a professional), how quickly the display needs to be installed and where to place the display the question that still needs to be answered is HOW? That’s where we come in! At Mount My Monitor we have brought together video wall and display mount systems from the leading manufacturers, offering video wall mount systems for every display application.

Before Beginning: Video Wall Basics

As mentioned before the first thing you’ll want to do is determine where you want the display(s) to float as well as the number and size of each display. We would suggest that a diagram of the mounting environment with measurements be created for a more seamless process. 

Next, order the displays needed for the project. Be sure to schedule the displays to arrive a few days before installation. It is important to Inspect the condition of the displays at time of delivery for shipping damage to ensure everything is ready for install. 

Now that the displays have been selected, the video wall mounting system can be ordered. The technical specifications (size, weight, and VESA hole pattern) of the displays will be needed to properly order the mounts you will need to complete your video wall. The mounting location and mounting surfaces will need to be chosen at this point to determine if the video wall is to be mounted to a horizontal (ceiling) or vertical (wall) surface, or if a freestanding and/or mobile solution is needed. Again, just as with the displays, it’s important that the mounting system arrive a few days prior to installation.

Additional Video Wall Considerations

Video wall installation can be an overwhelming experience. It takes a lot of time and energy to make it right, and if you are not careful installation costs can increase really fast, and your chances of deploying a successful video wall will be very low. We have provided a few tips and things to remember to make this process as easy and cost effective as possible.

  • The most important thing is that all components and accessories are delivered and inspected prior to the install date. When purchasing from us, instead of big box or amazon, our mount experts are available to assist you in ordering the correct and complete mounting system so that on install day, you are not left short of some needed component or accessory. 
  • Be sure you have ordered the appropriate cabling, security devices, CPU’s, and CPU mounts needed for the installation. It is suggested that you have a few extra cables on hand in the case of length variants. 
  • Be sure to examine all components/accessories that are part of the video wall installation ahead of time. This will allow you the ability to order last minute items and not increase product costs and sacrifice scheduled project completion. 
  • Failure to procure the displays, mounting systems, and necessary components/accessories in a timely manner can cause increased project costs. Increased costs can manifest in the delay of the project installation, additional installer costs, expensive shipping costs, or other applicable expenses.

The rate at which digital display technology is evolving isn’t going to slow down any time soon. We hope this information gives you the confidence to move forward with your video wall project so that you can start reaping the rewards that this powerful platform is sure to yield!

Visit our store at and learn more about the video wall and display mount systems we offer.

Introducing Bracketron

Here at, we are happy to offer products manufactured from Bracketron, another industry leading manufacturer. We welcome you to visit the products from Bracketron that we carry in our store.

Bracketron manufactures laptop, tablet and phone mounts and is an industry leader in quality and affordability.

Bracketron is the industry leader in universal mounting solutions and accessories for many of today’s most popular mobile and handheld technologies including smartphone, tablet, GPS, camera, and MP3. They offer a broad selection of products and accessories designed to offer an optimal level of flexibility and functionality.

Bracketron is obsessed with the power of great design. With innovations that make life easier, better, and more fun. And with products that anticipate what customers need before they even realize it. That’s how Bracketron became a world leader in mounting solutions and accessories.

Founded in 2001, Bracketron’s first product offering, the Custom Bezel Mount was engineered for the professional installer of mobile electronics. Consumer response was overwhelmingly positive and set a clear direction for the future of their business.

Since then, Bracketron has broadened their product line to include a variety of flexible mounting options like their new vehicle laptop tray with laptop mount which leads the industry in quality and affordability as well as tablet and smartphone mounts, designed to extend the use of the device and enhance the overall user experience. Their goal is to be the premier market leader of vehicle mounts, and your first choice, within the mobile mounting and accessory industry.

Bracketron helps you keep your eyes on the road, your hands upon the wheel, and your devices connected. They offer a full range of superior mounting solutions and accessories, designed to work with all the most popular mobile and handheld devices and technologies. Drivers can hit the road, and shift safety and security into high gear.

They also offer a line of rugged, road tested mounting solutions and accessories that are built to go the distance, and protect your hear every mile of the way. Whether you’re off-roading in the backcountry or driving a big rig cross-country and in need of an ELD mount, check out their Trucker Tough line and get out there.

For these reasons and more we are proud to include them as one of our manufacturers! Head over to our store to get one for yourself today!

Wheelchair Mounts for your Tablet and Smart Phone

Wheelchair Mounts for your Devices, both Tablets and Smart Phones

As a caregiver, I have seen the need for wheelchair mounts first hand. I have worked with several clients that use manual and motorized wheelchairs in their everyday lives. I often watch helplessly as they try to balance their devices in their laps as they go about their day. More often than not, their devices end up in my pockets to keep them safe. Fortunately as technology and culture have evolved, wheelchair mounts for devices are gaining in popularity and becoming increasingly available to those with disabilities.

wheelchair clamp mounts and wheelchair rail mounts

Two Types of Wheelchairs

First there are manual wheelchairs, built very similarly to each other. Typically they have metal circular bars with padded armrests. The diameter of the bars is usually between .75 to 1.25 inches. When purchasing a mount for a wheelchair it’s best to find a mount that clamps down, ensuring the security of the device that will be mounted. Just keep in mind that a wheelchair would need a wheelchair mount that attaches just below the armrest and then extend so it can be viewed by the person seated in the wheelchair.

Second are motorized chairs, tending to be as varied as the people who use them.  Unlike manual chairs, the motorized chairs typically have an accessory rail on each side of the seat.  These accessory rails allow mount manufacturers to provide mounts that will take advantage of the rail.

We live in an ever-changing world of technology that seems impossible to keep up with sometimes. However, mobile accessory manufacturers are making great strides toward connecting mainstream iDevices with wheelchairs, taking everyday accessibility, functionality, and independence to a whole new level. Here at MountMyMonitor we are proud to carry such products, featuring wheelchair mounts from The Joy Factory. Visit our store to see a quality collection of wheelchair clamp mount and wheelchair rail mount options for your tablet and phone.

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