Introducing Octa

Octa is unique to our store as they are exclusive manufacturers of tablet and e-reader accessories. The official launch of the company and its TabletTail™ line was in 2012 at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Octa was founded on the premise of combining technology with forms found in nature to create distinctive tablet and e-reader accessories that suit every lifestyle.

Octa creates distinctive mobile electronics accessories that make the digital experience more enjoyable. The creation of Prometheus Trotsky and Nikki Braziel, Octa was born from their combined love of technology and natural form. The team is comprised of a small group of artists, philosophers, and inventors, constantly striving to combine beauty and functionality. They maintain a creative environment by combining work and playfulness in their Denver headquarters.

“We want to make technology accessible and adaptable,” said Prometheus Trotsky, co-founder. “That starts with being able to physically place your device where you need it. With a strong positioning system, you can use your tablet in ways that were never before possible.”

Their product line is modest but has endless possibilities! Visit our store and see for yourself!!