Creating Point of Sale (POS) system for your business is key when interacting with your customers. Whether you’re using a monitor or tablet, the need for an accessible payment transaction environment for your customers, as well as a productive workstation for your employees is a must. In this article we will explore why it is becoming increasingly important to include this critical technology into consumer-based settings and how point of sale systems can work for you.


In our quickly advancing technical world Point of Sale systems are at the corner stone of consumer-based settings. A POS system is made up of 2 main parts – the hardware, such as a printer, cash drawer, and a POS terminal, and the software, which is the computer program that operates the whole system. A POS system works by connecting your credit card processing apps, accounting apps, inventory apps, and other point of sale-related business apps into a single unit. The software used in a POS system has a multitude of benefits. It aids in retaining more customers through better, targeted loyalty programs and allows for the tracking of inventory so that stock is consistently available. POS systems also assist when complex discount offers are needed. With the right POS software system, an analysis of sales history can be used to discover seasonal buying trends and correlations, which can come in useful to increase sales. In addition, manual error is decreased by using barcode scanners and automatic synchronization. It is easier to track sales associates with a more reliable employee tracking system. Other major benefits include improving payment security as well as the ability to make more sales due to the ability to accept more types of payment. Thankfully as the technology has grown and improved it has also become more affordable and mobile, with portable and Wi-Fi options available, making it easier for start-up businesses, home based businesses or small local businesses and mobile businesses to take advantage of all the benefits POS systems provide.


Gone are the days of manual credit card machines, carbon paper and bulky cash registers. As we’ve discussed, with the digital age there is a more efficient way to serve customers using these state of the art Point of Sale systems. Once the software has been decided on and the display monitors have been picked out it is now time to create a dynamic POS area that creates the look and feel of a successful business. It can be overwhelming trying to decide how to leverage this technology for its maximum benefit. Following is a list of things to know about point of sale mounts so they can work for you.

While there are a lot of different mounting options out there, POS solutions do have some common features that make them great solutions for their operations:

  • POS Mounts have a smaller footprint, taking up less space in the retail environment. Your point of sale monitor or tablet can be suspended above the counter to clear out and increase your selling space, which you can then use for pamphlets, store news, return policy notices or those last-minute impulse buy items! 
  • POS Mounts allow you to adjust the height of the monitor. The height adjustability is crucial to allow easy monitor re-positioning for sales associates of different heights. Research dictates the users eyes should be in line with a point on the screen about 2-3 inches below the top of the monitor casing. A content, healthy staff ultimately leads to employee longevity and company profitability! 
  • POS Mounts typically allow for screen adjustment to avoid glare on the monitors. Light sources and their intensities can vary throughout the day. Keep annoying glare off a POS screen by tilting or swiveling it as needed. This also helps keep POS monitor positions ergonomic.
  • POS Mounts include cable management to hide cables and keep them out of the way. Cables can be routed through your Point of Sale mount with a cable management system. This helps prevent unintended disconnects and increasing the life span of the cords.
  • POS Mounts increase store image and minimize disorder. Carefully creating a point of sale mounting solution has both an aesthetic benefit as well as functional benefits. With a POS solution, you can avoid limited or poorly crafted solutions. A well designed Point of Sale area presents a business in its best light, giving it a sleek and modern appearance.

POS Mounts enhance security and defend against accidents. Mounted Point Of Sale monitors and tablets are more secure than free-standing technology because the mount protects and fortifies the technology. In addition, mounts discourage theft, secure monitors and tablets to countertops or walls which also prevent them from tipping over and other accidental equipment damage.


With retail expanding beyond the sales floor, retailers realize that every moment spent with a customer is now much more than a business dealing. Checkout remains important however, customers expect quick, simple, individual service – despite location, device or platform – at every touch point. That means a successful retail solution must include both stationary and mobile points of service and provide for a changing mix of hardware and software from a range of brands and manufacturers. 

Mount My Monitor offers a large selection of POS Mounts and touch screen mounts for monitors and tablets. The point of sale mounts we offer provide a wide range of configuration options to help make the most of the retail space, while not compromising on functionality, ergonomics or aesthetics. We also offer customer-facing technology solutions that are both visually appealing and easily accessible, with the capacity to function perfectly anywhere the retail environment demands. With integrated locking mechanisms, height adjustment, horizontal or vertical mounting, full range of motion, and internal cable management, to mention a few, POS mounts work to ensure ease of use and brand-appropriate aesthetics.

Configuring our point of sale display stand solutions is also possible with additional attachments, such as printer machine mounts, CPU mounts, VESA adapters and additional mounting arms for monitors to provide customer-facing screens or secondary displays. Cables can be hidden away within the POS mounts themselves, offering a clean and tidy installation that is also designed with access for maintenance and cleaning in mind.

The mounts we offer keep maximum compatibility and future-proofing in mind. We’ve done the research to ensure that retailers can make future-proof decisions that satisfy today’s mobility, configuration and security demands without restricting their choices as enabling technologies continually evolve or risking ROI as changes occur. Our mount specialists have their fingers on the pulse of technology and are strategically anticipating upgrades and new product releases so that the mounts we offer stay relevant and upgradeable.

Our versatile mounting solutions give retailers the uninterrupted power to provide seamless service wherever, whenever and however the customer prefers to engage. Are you interested in a POS mounting system for your company? We are ready to help. Check out our website to see all that we have to offer.

Don’t see what you are looking for? Give us a call or start a live chat. Our mount experts are always available to help our customers find the exact mount to fit their needs, even when they have to design a solution for them!