Wheelchair Mounts for your Devices, both Tablets and Smart Phones

As a caregiver, I have seen the need for wheelchair mounts first hand. I have worked with several clients that use manual and motorized wheelchairs in their everyday lives. I often watch helplessly as they try to balance their devices in their laps as they go about their day. More often than not, their devices end up in my pockets to keep them safe. Fortunately as technology and culture have evolved, wheelchair mounts for devices are gaining in popularity and becoming increasingly available to those with disabilities.

wheelchair clamp mounts and wheelchair rail mounts

Two Types of Wheelchairs

First there are manual wheelchairs, built very similarly to each other. Typically they have metal circular bars with padded armrests. The diameter of the bars is usually between .75 to 1.25 inches. When purchasing a mount for a wheelchair it’s best to find a mount that clamps down, ensuring the security of the device that will be mounted. Just keep in mind that a wheelchair would need a wheelchair mount that attaches just below the armrest and then extend so it can be viewed by the person seated in the wheelchair.

Second are motorized chairs, tending to be as varied as the people who use them.  Unlike manual chairs, the motorized chairs typically have an accessory rail on each side of the seat.  These accessory rails allow mount manufacturers to provide mounts that will take advantage of the rail.

We live in an ever-changing world of technology that seems impossible to keep up with sometimes. However, mobile accessory manufacturers are making great strides toward connecting mainstream iDevices with wheelchairs, taking everyday accessibility, functionality, and independence to a whole new level. Here at MountMyMonitor we are proud to carry such products, featuring wheelchair mounts from The Joy Factory. Visit our store to see a quality collection of wheelchair clamp mount and wheelchair rail mount options for your tablet and phone.