A Modular Mounting System for the Workplace

Studies have shown that people are more productive when they can choose when, where and how they work, making the relevance and need for a monitor mounting system paramount in the workplace. A monitor mount system allows staff the ability to easily adjust the height and angle of their monitor or display to their preference. Monitor mounts can be used with sit-stand desks and regular office desks and easily attach to work spaces or walls. The importance of these types of mounts has become obvious creating a large selection to choose from depending on the needs of the environment.

How Monitor Mount Systems create a Safe, Healthy and Productive Workplace

Every year, over 6.9 million working days are lost as a result of musculoskeletal disorders, especially in those who tend to endure prolonged sitting positions or repetitive motions, due to bad ergonomics. Straining can take a toll on the body over time, causing muscle imbalances, backaches, eye strain, fatigue and other pains that affect the physical well-being of employees resulting in repetitive stress injuries, which are some of the most common workplace injuries. Using a highly-configurable monitor mount system in the workplace has proven to combat these issues. They allow their users to easily place their screen at the appropriate height, depth and angle which promotes good posture and eliminates the need to strain or hunch over to see the screen.

Productivity is also improved in this comfortable working atmosphere. Time is saved as employees no longer have to spend a lot of time readjusting their workspace to see their screen better. Monitor mounting systems give them the ability to adjust the height and angle of the monitor quickly and efficiently depending on the workspace needs. This gives staff more time to focus on work tasks, which increases efficiency.

In today’s modern work places it is reported that 60% of people regularly move across departments. In situations where more than one person is using the same workspace, monitor arms allow for easy adjustments between each computer user, which is extremely difficult if the monitor is simply sitting on a desk. When space is limited monitor arms are extremely beneficial. They free up desk space and give users ample room to work. Plus, when monitors are not in use they can simply be pushed it out of the way.

Introducing the AWM Monitor Mount System by Atdec – A Modular Mounting System for one or more monitors

Studies have shown that 81% of highly satisfied workers are able to configure their workstations. Meeting these individual requirements on a large scale can be challenging. One of our best-selling manufacturers, Atdec, has designed a modular monitor mounting system that rises to this challenge. Their AWM product line adapts to individual ergonomic needs, support a range of displays and devices and respond to increasing space demands in your evolving workplace. Their flexible range of modular monitor mounts are designed to accommodate multiple screens and notebooks, modularity is the smartest approach to hot-desking, activity based workplaces and multi-user environments. 

Over time and utilizing feedback from our customers here at MountMyMonitor.com have discovered that the best mounting solutions are those that can evolve with growing businesses. That’s why we are proud and excited to offer these AWM monitor mounting system from Atdec that adapt! The modular nature of the system allows for infinite configurations and combinations of parts to support various screen sizes, attachment surfaces, and technology. These modular mounting solutions include: 

  • Configurability to specific projects
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Cost-effective upgrades
  • Mix’n’match = interchangeable
  • Spring-assisted ergonomic support
  • Multiple screens and notebooks

Users are able to mix and match their modular components with a cleverly-designed lever-action system designed for agile workspaces. The modular nature of the system allows for infinite configurations and combinations of parts to support various screen sizes, attachment surfaces, and technology. In the office of the future scale-ability is everything and agile collaborative work spaces will gain and retain the best employees. These mounts pave the way to achieve your business goals!

Not sure what option works best for you? Feel free to contact us and speak to a mount expert that can assist with a configuration that meets your exact needs.

AWM Monitor Mount System by Atdec

You can visit our online store and learn more about each of the AWM components, how they fit together, the technical specs on each, as well as pre-configured systems in the product line.

Learn more about this powerful modular monitor mounting system in the below video.