Video wall and display mounts have become extremely common place in our modern world. Most of us hardly notice them anymore. From menu boards at a local restaurant, to a board room video chat, to watching the big game at a favorite bar, video walls are everywhere! It’s hard to believe that before the early 80’s they didn’t even exist. 

A look back into the past reveals the evolution of this incredible technology. In 1985 the first multi-image video displays consisted of two or more projectors (or monitors) projecting side by side onto the same screen. By 1987, video tape recorders were replaced by video disc players, and in 1996 by DVD players. Needless to say, in the beginning the whole system was bulky, difficult to set-up and very sensitive. In 1995 flat panel television sets based on plasma technology were introduced and changed the landscape of video wall applications. In 2003 large LCD flat panels were launched. Video wall technology continues to improve and provide new approaches to bringing simplicity, flexibility and affordability to the video wall market. 

(as seen on Retro CRT Video Walls)

Now that we’ve discovered a little bit about the background of the video wall and display mount industry let’s talk about why it’s important in our present-day lives. From the small business owner to the large corporation, video wall technology has made a substantial impact on how information is conveyed in a wide range of environments. Video walls make big statements, capture attention and promote brands in a unique fashion which is driving companies to seek video wall solutions that are more powerful and more flexible. The masses are discovering that video walls are an investment with big returns!

Thinking you might want to get the benefits a video wall can provide? Want to know some next steps to growing your ROI? Besides deciding what type of display to use (LCD, Projection or LED), who will install the video wall display mount (yourself or a professional), how quickly the display needs to be installed and where to place the display the question that still needs to be answered is HOW? That’s where we come in! At Mount My Monitor we have brought together video wall and display mount systems from the leading manufacturers, offering video wall mount systems for every display application.

Before Beginning: Video Wall Basics

As mentioned before the first thing you’ll want to do is determine where you want the display(s) to float as well as the number and size of each display. We would suggest that a diagram of the mounting environment with measurements be created for a more seamless process. 

Next, order the displays needed for the project. Be sure to schedule the displays to arrive a few days before installation. It is important to Inspect the condition of the displays at time of delivery for shipping damage to ensure everything is ready for install. 

Now that the displays have been selected, the video wall mounting system can be ordered. The technical specifications (size, weight, and VESA hole pattern) of the displays will be needed to properly order the mounts you will need to complete your video wall. The mounting location and mounting surfaces will need to be chosen at this point to determine if the video wall is to be mounted to a horizontal (ceiling) or vertical (wall) surface, or if a freestanding and/or mobile solution is needed. Again, just as with the displays, it’s important that the mounting system arrive a few days prior to installation.

Additional Video Wall Considerations

Video wall installation can be an overwhelming experience. It takes a lot of time and energy to make it right, and if you are not careful installation costs can increase really fast, and your chances of deploying a successful video wall will be very low. We have provided a few tips and things to remember to make this process as easy and cost effective as possible.

  • The most important thing is that all components and accessories are delivered and inspected prior to the install date. When purchasing from us, instead of big box or amazon, our mount experts are available to assist you in ordering the correct and complete mounting system so that on install day, you are not left short of some needed component or accessory. 
  • Be sure you have ordered the appropriate cabling, security devices, CPU’s, and CPU mounts needed for the installation. It is suggested that you have a few extra cables on hand in the case of length variants. 
  • Be sure to examine all components/accessories that are part of the video wall installation ahead of time. This will allow you the ability to order last minute items and not increase product costs and sacrifice scheduled project completion. 
  • Failure to procure the displays, mounting systems, and necessary components/accessories in a timely manner can cause increased project costs. Increased costs can manifest in the delay of the project installation, additional installer costs, expensive shipping costs, or other applicable expenses.

The rate at which digital display technology is evolving isn’t going to slow down any time soon. We hope this information gives you the confidence to move forward with your video wall project so that you can start reaping the rewards that this powerful platform is sure to yield!

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